Meridian Therapy Enhanced


Meridian Therapy Enhanced by the THERA WELLNESS Frequency Device

Discover how the THERA WELLNESS frequency device transforms the approach to meridian therapy, a cornerstone in holistic health practices.

Embracing Traditional Wisdom with Modern Technology

Integrating the Teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The THERA WELLNESS device seamlessly integrates the ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, particularly the principles of the 5 Elements and their corresponding meridians. This synergy of old wisdom and modern technology is key in THERA WELLNESS biofield therapy.


Advanced Meridian Balancing Techniques

Methods of Utilizing the THERA WELLNESS Device

There are three innovative ways to use the meridian programs of the THERA WELLNESS frequency device:

  • Apply the input (receiving) applicator on the area that presents with signs of discomfort or skin issues (this is the most common application of the Meridian programs). The output applicator is placed either on the back or the front of the body.
  • Apply the input (receiving) applicator on a starting or terminal acupuncture point of the meridian in question. The output applicator is placed along the back.
  • Apply the input (receiving) applicator on the starting point of the meridian and the output applicator on the terminal point and reverse the applicators after 1,5 minutes. This method is called “meridian flooding”.


Each method is designed to attune and balance the energy of the meridians, whether there’s an excess or deficiency, making this process more efficient than traditional acupuncture treatments.

Streamlined and Effective Sessions

Pre-stored Programs and Session Protocol

The THERA WELLNESS frequency device boasts four pre-stored programs for each meridian, with a total session duration of 15 minutes. These sessions, typically spaced a week apart, often require only two applications to effectively balance the energy flow of the targeted meridian.

Take the First Step Towards Holistic Well-Being

Are you prepared to explore the innovative approach to meridian therapy with the THERA WELLNESS frequency device?

Seize the opportunity to enhance your health and well-being.

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