Frequently Asked Questions

While THERA WELLNESS™ distinguishes itself by operating within a passive feedback loop, it’s not classified as a biofeedback device. It doesn’t require conscious control over physiological functions, but rather its efficacy shines in addressing imbalances across various intricate body systems, making it a unique therapeutic entity.

Initially characterized as bioresonance therapy, THERA WELLNESS™ now embraces the term Biofield therapy. This innovative approach taps into the body’s energy frequency patterns, aspiring to restore self-regulation without relying on externally generated frequencies, thereby marking a paradigm shift in wellness methodology.

At the heart of THERA WELLNESS™ is the Biofield method, a therapeutic cornerstone that ingeniously utilizes the body’s energy field as a dynamic source for healing signals. This method seeks to foster a profound sense of well-being through an intricate interplay with the body’s innate energy.

THERA WELLNESS™ operates dynamically, adapting to individual frequency patterns without demanding specifics like age or gender. This sophisticated adaptability tailors’ programs to target precise frequencies, promoting self-regulation in an ever-evolving therapeutic landscape.

The Biofield therapy offered by THERA WELLNESS™ is inherently personalized, boasting a repository of over 900 stored, issue-specific programs. This vast array of programs allows for precise targeting of processes within the body, based on the intricate tapestry of an individual’s energy frequency patterns.

What sets THERA WELLNESS™ apart is the dynamic nature of its programs. Each program undergoes continual adjustments, responding intuitively to the nuances of the individual’s energy field. This fluidity creates a therapy experience that is not static but dynamically responsive.

THERA WELLNESS™ integrates elements of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy through its DMI (Dynamic Multi-Impulse) function. However, it transcends traditional PEMF devices, offering a comprehensive approach that delves into the intricate dynamics of energy fields for holistic well-being.

THERA WELLNESS™ stands as a beacon of innovation by harnessing the body’s innate healing signals. In contrast to devices relying on externally generated frequencies, THERA WELLNESS™ ensures a precise and harmonious therapy experience, fostering effective realignment within the body’s intricate energy field.

THERA WELLNESS™ proudly introduces its versatile 5-in-1 Smart Technology, encompassing main channel programs, a second channel for natural remedies, DMI therapy, charging modalities, and a copying modality. These modalities can be employed individually or synergistically, offering a spectrum of therapeutic possibilities.

While primarily focused on therapy, THERA WELLNESS™ practitioners often leverage additional testing methods, such as applied kinesiology or energetic testing. This multifaceted approach assists in determining therapy aims and confirming program choices, ensuring a holistic understanding of the client’s well-being.

The highly personalized THERA WELLNESS therapy extends support to various facets of well-being, including body structures, functions, emotional and mental states. Furthermore, it adeptly counters detrimental substances, contributing to a comprehensive approach to holistic health.

A THERA WELLNESS™ session unfolds as a meticulous journey. It begins with a thorough evaluation of the client’s current state, often involving the running of three to six programs. These programs may include targeted energetic block removal, neutralization, and organ support, creating a bespoke therapeutic experience.

Each THERA WELLNESS™ session is a curated experience, lasting about an hour. Follow-ups are scheduled every 7-10 days to 2 weeks, with the number of sessions tailored to individual needs. While noticeable results may manifest within the first few sessions, the duration of improvement is often influenced by the length of existing imbalances.

Embarking on the journey to become a THERA WELLNESS™ practitioner involves comprehensive training accessible through free online courses as well as a 3-hour session with a trainer, either at our office or via Zoom. Certification is granted upon completion, with ongoing training opportunities provided through webinars, forums, and our yearly Advanced seminars, fostering a continuous learning experience.

THERA WELLNESS™ technology emerges as a catalyst for the growth of holistic practices, offering a myriad of benefits. Practitioners can leverage the device alongside their trained skills to enhance therapy outcomes, thereby building trust and cultivating loyal clientele. Additionally, THERA WELLNESS™ can be seamlessly integrated as a new modality, expanding service offerings and attracting new clients. The device’s multifaceted approach ensures that the practitioner-client relationship extends beyond the first visit, creating opportunities for continuous learning about additional services available at the practice. The turn-key Signature Services provided by THERA WELLNESS™, such as weight loss or dependencies, further contribute to attracting diverse clients. Moreover, retail products like THERA WELLNESS™ patches and pendants not only prolong the effects of therapy but also serve as valuable aftercare options, generating additional profit for the practice. Ultimately, THERA WELLNESS™ technology becomes a cornerstone in achieving financial success for holistic practitioners, offering a comprehensive and sustainable approach to wellness.

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