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THERA WELLNESS™ ‘s unique smart technology for wellness combines ancient eastern medicine traditions with modern-day science, turning them into a potent new healing therapy effective for a great number of common lifestyle issues.

Non-invasive, Effective, Results in just a few sessions.


40 Years of Innovation

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At the heart of THERA WELLNESS™ technologies is the THERA WELLNESS™ devices which can be applied across a wide range of existing healthcare disciplines to increase the effectiveness of any holistic clinic.



THERA WELLNESS™ biofield therapy uses the electromagnetic information (oscillations) that is emitted by the body. The smart technology processes these signals by – amplification, attenuation, inversion, and/or splitting the harmonious (H) oscillations from the non-harmonious ones. After the signal is processed, it is sent back to the body. This innovative process has a powerful impact on the body’s regulatory system which stimulates therapeutic reactions



THERA WELLNESS™ technology uses the body’s own healing signals as its primary mode of therapy for a highly individualized application instead of technically generated frequencies. While technologically generated frequency devices are common, they are by necessity a more generalized type of therapy. THERA WELLNESS™ technology is a revolutionary concept that tailors its therapy to precisely match the needs of the individual.

What is understood as the body’s “energy field” aka biofield is really a highly dynamic and responsive collection of synchronized communication signals and information exchanges that make up the body’s energetic regulatory system.

The THERA WELLNESS™ device is able to “pick-up” these frequency patterns and uses them to create a therapeutic signal which when fed back into a person’s body, can remove imbalances and blockages in the person’s regulatory system as well as that of the vital energy flow (chi) that invigorates and animates all the cells of our bodies – from head-to-toe.


Inside the THERA WELLNESS™  device is a special biological filter that separates the harmonious, healthy (H) frequency patterns from the dis-harmonious, disruptive (D) ones. After the frequency patterns coming from the body are separated into harmonious and dis-harmonious streams, the THERA WELLNESS™ device can further process, depending on the application program selected, either one or the other of these signal streams or even both at the same time. The dis-harmonious signals are always inverted so that when reintroduced into the body, they will cancel out the disruptive effects of their original, “native” signals. The harmonious signals are however amplified so that they will strengthen the original, already healthy ones.