Discover How THERA Wellness™ Technology Can Help Expand Your Wellness Practice

And how easy it is to use THERA Wellness™ to deliver results to your patients... even if you've never used biofield frequency therapy before!

  • Why biofield frequency therapy is one of the best new wellness segments and what you can do so you don’t miss out on this rapidly growing trend…
  • How biofield therapy helps people restore the body’s energy flow and enhance their health across a range of common conditions…
  • How smart wellness clinicians have used the THERA Wellness™ device to add another revenue stream and fill their practice with new clients
  • Why wellness practitioners prefer THERA Wellness™ and its support training, market leading education, marketing support and wellness community
  • AND… how to do ALL of this while fulfilling your mission, getting incredible results for your clients, and finally being able to make the impact you were born to make!

Cassandra Mougiakou, MD​

Dr. Cassandra Mougiakou is a world-renowned medical and wellness practitioner and the guiding force behind the development of the THERA WELLNESS™ device.

Dr. Mougiakou’s lifelong work in biofield therapy has culminated in the technology of the new THERA WELLNESS™ device. Guided by her knowledge and experience, our team of experts has developed the most advanced technology that features clinically functional application programs, delivering time-tested, effective results.

With over 20 years of dedicated practice in her clinic and globally, Dr. Mougiakou is a leading expert in biofield therapy and an author of the "Bio-resonance" series. Her legacy boasts helping over 30,000 people worldwide with this technology, 16 years of international teaching experience, and over 150 seminars in 20 countries.

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